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Peak performance. Greater stability. Lower costs.

ISG Approach

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Cooling water systems are unique among industrial utilities for potential improvements in operation and costs

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Clayton Penhallegon, Jr., P.E.

President, Integrated Services Group

It is our core belief that cooling systems, unlike any other plant utility, have exceptional leverage opportunities to improve their performance and operating costs.

Every day, ISG clients see a multiple improvements within their systems including: 

  • Improved process stability

  • Enhanced reliability

  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs

  • Reduced capital costs from extended equipment lives

  • Significant energy savings

These benefits are achieved through a combination of design and operational improvements, for example: 

  • Leveraging wet-bulb tower setpoint adjustment to capture seasonal system efficiency improvements and save tower fan system wear

  • Improving pump loop balancing and flow control to eliminate wasted circulation and energy use while simultaneously improving pressure control and cooling effectiveness

  • Implementing chiller equipment upgrades, advanced control strategies, split temperature tier cooling, and, where possible, water-side economizers (“free cooling”) to improve heat rejection efficiency as well as extending the life of the cooling equipment

  • Redundant equipment operating strategies for superior “no-blink” process reliability

  • Variable speed drive applications on all driven equipment for precise operation and lower ongoing maintenance costs

Our system improvements often pay for themselves through energy savings alone and readily qualify for efficiency incentives where offered.  While this was a major driver in ISG’s initial focus on cooling systems, we learned through the years that energy efficiency per-se isn’t nearly as important to manufacturers as process stability and reliability.  Fortunately we have found that the same system improvements that support those two overriding requirements, if intelligently implemented, also enable the significant other benefits noted for equipment maintenance and capital costs – all paid for substantially with indisputable energy savings.

To learn more about ISG’s approach to cooling systems and how our experience can help you solve your cooling problems and improve your overall systems operation, please contact us today.

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Fifty years of combined experience. The process that works for you.

Plant Operations

 have daily system operations responsibility in my plant

Systems Management

I support multiple plants & systems with financial and / or operations management

Technical Applications

I have technical interest in system designs and operation


Imagine a system that just works – stable, efficient, straightforward to maintain - with no emergency events or unplanned breakdowns.

That's the ISG Promise.


"ISG exceeded expectations for both metrics, Annual Cost Savings and kWh Reduction, and the project was kept within original cost estimates."

Plant Engineer


"I was impressed with the final results and the ease of use, training and support for our control systems."

Engineering Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Strategic Engineering Manager



“The new systems are doing great. The plant seems to have settled down and the lines are running great. We’re all really pleased.”

Maintenance Supervisor


“Thanks, your actions

saved the plant today.”

Plant Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Plant Engineer


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