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You Need a Technical Partner You Can Rely On

Technical Applications

Your company counts on you to support a wide variety of systems and applications.  Whether they’re different plant utilities (like cooling water, compressed air, vacuum, resin handling, steam, scrap systems, etc.), multiple processes including production equipment and plant utilities, or just (if you’re lucky!) a variety of cooling water systems & equipment in different facilities, you have a challenging task trying to handle the wide range of specific technologies present in your business.  Being an expert in all of them is, candidly, impossible.

Water systems are unusually complicated because they are actually multiple interacting systems.  Cooling towers and their pump loops affect how the connected equipment (chillers, other machine loads, etc.) perform, as the connected equipment affects how the cooling towers can be operated – the systems are inextricably linked, as the other parts of the systems are inextricably linked to one another and the plant.  Looking at individual components without considering the systemic implications is destined to yield substandard results.

You may have, like many others, tried to get help from equipment vendors or generalist consultants – even highly respected consulting engineering firms – and found the results lacking.  It’s common enough to have some success with resources like this (sometimes even the first trial isn’t that great, either) but which isn’t sustained through multiple cases.  There may be “fixes” to the problems addressed but they are too costly, or too impractical to implement and maintain, or otherwise not realistic in the production environment in your company.

The problem is these resources are not industrial cooling systems specialists.  They are equipment experts, highly knowledgeable about their own products, or they’re cooling system generalists who can do a fine job in the commercial systems (office buildings, hotels, hospitals, etc.) they support 90% or more of the time.  Give them a conventional HVAC system and they’re fine, but you’ll get a blank stare if you ask them about the difference between cooling requirements for injection molding vs. foam extrusion, or air dehumidification in a blow molding plant vs. direct contact air washer applications in fiber processing.  They’re happy to let you educate them about your companies’ processes and then make overly conservative recommendations because they’re not really sure where they stand – better to spend more of your money than have their recommendations come up short!

This is where ISG is different from all the rest.  We focus exclusively on industrial cooling systems.  We have the tools and knowledge to help you understand your systems and engineer real solutions to the performance and capacity issues in your plants.

Not sure how much capacity you need?  ISG has a complete inventory of survey tools – clamp-on flow meters, temperature & pressure sensors, amp & power metering – to measure exactly what your processes are doing and help you calculate the needs for your expansion.

Need to assess how much capacity you have?  ISG can examine your cooling equipment and measure its actual performance in your application to determine the true effective cooling capability in your plant.

Surprisingly, identical equipment in different locations may have different usable capabilities because of other system characteristics.  As we often say, A Ton is Not a Ton – in other words, just because the catalog or performance specification gives a rating doesn’t mean any particular plant will get that actual heat rejection effect in a specific application.

If you’re ready to have a technical partner that is focused explicitly on industrial cooling processes, one who knows what you’re dealing with and can give you solid support from day one, you’re ready to talk with ISG.  Reach out to us and start supporting your plants more effectively today.

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Fifty years of combined experience. The process that works for you.

Plant Operations

 have daily system operations responsibility in my plant

Systems Management

I support multiple plants & systems with financial and / or operations management

Technical Applications

I have technical interest in system designs and operation


Imagine a system that just works – stable, efficient, straightforward to maintain - with no emergency events or unplanned breakdowns.

That's the ISG Promise.


"ISG exceeded expectations for both metrics, Annual Cost Savings and kWh Reduction, and the project was kept within original cost estimates."

Plant Engineer


"I was impressed with the final results and the ease of use, training and support for our control systems."

Engineering Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Strategic Engineering Manager



“The new systems are doing great. The plant seems to have settled down and the lines are running great. We’re all really pleased.”

Maintenance Supervisor


“Thanks, your actions

saved the plant today.”

Plant Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Plant Engineer


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