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Get more EBIT for your DA

Systems Management

You’re not in the cooling system business.  In fact, if you didn’t have to have them, you wouldn’t; they are in your plants only because they are required to run your core processes and support utilities like compressed air and vacuum.

And if your company is like many others, these mandatory systems are one of your recurring aggravations.  Unplanned random production losses from failures, capital expenditures year after year, high maintenance budgets, emergency equipment rental costs, rising energy costs – few other systems have the continuing problems that stalk cooling systems year after year.

You have probably tried getting help for your plants.  Maybe from component vendors like chiller suppliers who really know their equipment but don’t see much beyond that, or from technical consultants who are clearly competent but just don’t seem to grasp the specifics of your processes.  You may have had success with them in one or two sites but then found that their magic wore off and later projects didn’t do as well.


The truth is industrial systems are only around 10% of the market that commercial systems represent.  And that 90% is where most of these folks focus their time and attention.  Office buildings, hotels, hospitals, college campuses, retail facilities – all great and important cooling system markets – but all very different from your manufacturing applications.


You need someone to work with you who understands the specific operating requirements of industrial applications, who relates to the job on the ground for you system operators, and whose sole focus is making your systems work effectively, efficiently, and at reasonable cost both now and long-term.


You need more EBIT for your DA.


ISG is uniquely qualified to help you with these objectives.  Our business is focused solely on industrial process cooling systems, period.  We have experience in hundreds of plants across various industries – plastics of all kinds, glass, textiles, automotive and more – and we understand cooling systems as not just specific collections of devices but as components in a business that have to cost-effectively meet your needs with a minimum of management oversight.


We can help you strategically manage your cooling systems for greater process stability, operational reliability, reduced maintenance and capital expense, and significantly reduced energy costs.  ISG can work with you to develop best practices programs so that your system operators consistently run your systems, maximizing the benefits of the programs you put in place.  Finally, ISG can assist you with the inevitable evolution of systems as your plants’ loads and process requirements change.  No one else brings the breadth of resources and specific industrial experience to your situation, and with ISG’s help, you can put your cooling systems in the solved column for good.

Contact us to learn more, and get back to running your business instead of troubleshooting your support systems.

Curved Lines

Fifty years of combined experience. The process that works for you.

Plant Operations

 have daily system operations responsibility in my plant

Systems Management

I support multiple plants & systems with financial and / or operations management

Technical Applications

I have technical interest in system designs and operation


Imagine a system that just works – stable, efficient, straightforward to maintain - with no emergency events or unplanned breakdowns.

That's the ISG Promise.


"ISG exceeded expectations for both metrics, Annual Cost Savings and kWh Reduction, and the project was kept within original cost estimates."

Plant Engineer


"I was impressed with the final results and the ease of use, training and support for our control systems."

Engineering Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Strategic Engineering Manager



“The new systems are doing great. The plant seems to have settled down and the lines are running great. We’re all really pleased.”

Maintenance Supervisor


“Thanks, your actions

saved the plant today.”

Plant Manager


"ISG has proven to be a true business partner willing to go the extra mile to not just meet, but to surpass our expected return on investment."

Plant Engineer


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