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Small enough to be responsive, large enough to serve major clients.

About ISG

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The difference is experience. The quality is in the design.

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Initially founded in metro Atlanta in 1993, ISG was relocated to south Georgia in 2005.  Given our client base of national manufacturers, the overhead associated with being based in a major urban area was not offset by benefits of local clientele.  That realization freed us to locate to Thomasville, GA for a better cost-of-living value and other lifestyle benefits.

ISG was originally incorporated as an S corp, but in 2016 was changed to an LLC to facilitate other business opportunities and financial advantages.

Our competitive cost structure and distributed organization allow us to give superior value to our clients, while our extensive network of resources enables us to meet each client's needs with experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.

Curved Lines

We optimize water cooling systems by applying:

Sound Engineering Principles

Piping, component sizes, heat loads (design flows, pressure drops), imbalances and flow chokes can be evaluated and improved.

Modern Controls Equipment

Pump and fan variable speed drives paired with an  automated controls results in more precise temperature control, reduced pumping loss, lower cost operations and longer equipment life.

Innovative Operational Strategies

A flexible system adapts to dynamically changing requirements and conditions. Capacity can be maximized when required by the process, while energy efficiency is boosted at other times.


"It is our core belief that, done right, energy efficiency improvements greatly benefit our industrial clients."

A message from ISG's President

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