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Staff Resources Tailored to Meet Our Clients' Needs

meterman_cropped.jpg     Since beginning operations in 1997, ISG staff have served a broad cross section of industry including:

  • extruded, blown, and injection molded plastics;
  • natural and synthetic textiles;
  • glass, metal, paper, and plastic packaging;
  • forest and building products;
  • synthetic rubber;
  • processed minerals and mineral products; and
  • fabricated metal products.

     Services are provided directly by ISG staff and through affiliated entities, in each case providing the highest quality results at very competitive rates. ISG staff resources have decades of experience and include registered professional engineers, certified energy managers (CEM), and other experienced energy and design professionals.

    Our low overhead cost structure and distributed organization allow us to give superior value to our clients, while our extensive network of resources enables us to meet each client's needs with experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.

Contact us directly at (770) 640-5355 or by e-mail for more information about our staff resources and how we can help you with your energy cost control opportunities.


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